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About Me!

My passion for photography started in 2016, before I ever picked up a camera. I had an overwhelming urge to capture scenes that looked interesting to me. I grew up in Connecticut, and although I was fascinated by nature, it was difficult to immerse myself in wilderness because of the lack of accessibility to it there. At this time, I was more drawn to exploring and capturing beauty in places that most people aren’t exposed to in their everyday lives, like abandoned buildings. This was a more exploratory phase of photography for me.


Over time, my love of photography morphed into the desire to capture moments, store them, and then relive and share them after the moment had passed. This is particularly special to me when I can share moments and views that other people aren’t able to experience. My work began to center around nature, as my connection to it grew and I realized the importance for humans to have a strong bond with nature. My family and I moved to Colorado, and I attended the University of Colorado Boulder, studying neuroscience. In these four years, I was able to expand my knowledge of the inner workings of our thoughts and behaviors as well as the art of nature photography. 


The more that I explored nature, I realized that it has really accelerated my attention to detail and appreciation for “the little things.” I will often be mesmerized by patterns and textures that some will simply not notice, mainly because it can make for a more interesting composition. I’m often seen running around a location when the light is hitting great simply because I want to see and capture all that the setting has to offer. Usually my favorite images are the ones that I capture unexpectedly, or that uncover themselves after exploration. The shot that I find first is rarely the best at conveying the amazement of the location. I also often find myself spending more time in a location than others, pushing past discomfort for the most compelling compositions.


In short, photography has pushed my interest and appreciation for the world around me more than I ever could’ve imagined without it. I’m fulfilled by the ability to share these sentiments with others, in hopes that it can transfer this appreciation for the world over to you.

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